Coloring Poster - Dinosaurs


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A large partially pre-colored poster, to complete as you wish!

The popular French company Poppik changes its habits a bit and this time it offers us a painting poster that is not in black and white, but in color!
This time, the child will complete a wonderful dinosaur themed illustrated poster illustrated by renowned artist Nadia Taylor


Did you know that Poppik coloring posters were designed with a real educational approach?

With this painting poster, we want to encourage children. For this, the partially colored poster was created, which will make children want to complete it themselves with their crayons, pencils, markers or brushes. The white areas are relatively small, so that the child does not get tired and successfully completes the coloring. Satisfaction once his work is finished is guaranteed! Then hang the poster on the wall and you will see the child's eyes light up with pride!

Each coloring poster was created by a famous illustrator. By creating colorful patterns on the poster, it exercises the child's eye and familiarizes them with an elaborate colorful design. Also the already colored areas can act as a source of inspiration for the child. Thus, he is guided in the choice of colors, without even noticing it. We pay special attention to the beauty of the illustrations offered, in such a way as to ignite children's curiosity about the beauties of nature.

For all children who love dinosaurs, this coloring page is an opportunity to cultivate their curiosity about these prehistoric creatures. They are numbered and you will easily find their names in Greek in the poster packaging. Thus, the child can admire the marine beauties and learn while having fun.


This educational activity engages children in a smart way and keeps them away from screens.
- With this drawing without lines which is already pre-colored in some parts, it will help the child to concentrate
- The activity uses visual recognition (colors and shapes).
- This targeted coloring trains fine motor skills.
- It is an easy activity for all children and even if some spots are left blank, the result will be just as beautiful!
- Once this creative poster is complete, you can hang it on your wall.

For ecological reasons, this large coloring poster is manufactured in the European Union (Poland), flat packed to minimize the ecological impact (manufacturing and transportation).
Comply with CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate free.

Poster dimensions: 140 x 22 cm

Made in Poland

Suitable for children over 4 years old