Large Poster with 1600 stickers – Street Art


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Artist Lili Scratchy created a poster inspired by graffiti art. Graffiti, cartoons, pixels: the details of this poster are a nod to many street art trends. This movement was born 50 years ago, when artists began to dream of an art visible to everyone, on the street. Since then it has spread to the four corners of the world. It is part of our daily life, it colors our living space, it is accessible to everyone, including children and teenagers!

This poster allows the child to create with stickers a work of art inspired by Street Art in a very cheerful and colorful style.

Once completed it can become a beautiful decoration for the room.

This activity is designed by Lili Scratchy and made for children over 6 years for the French company Poppik, in the European Union by the company Leporello – 

Dimensions: 1 x 60 cm
For children over 6 years old