Large Poster with 1600 stickers - World Map


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Since Antiquity, humans have mapped the world. True to this tradition, the illustrators of Atelier Cartographik offer a unique map with colored pixels.

You can create an original world map with stickers: in "pixel art" style, and discover the beautiful landscapes found on our planet: lakes and mountains, plains and glaciers...

You will follow a color code as each color has a meaning explained according to classic mapping rules.

A modern way to discover the diversity of the world's landscapes.

In this poster, stickers of different colors and shapes are placed following a numerical code and create beautiful mandalas in the form of a kaleidoscope.

This activity is designed by Lucie Brunellière and manufactured for children over 7 years old by the French company Poppik in the European Union by the company Leporello – .